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No Voters Surrounding Young Girls, rip Saltire out of their hands in George Square.

This is what the BBC are couching as a ‘boisterous and good natured celebration.”

This is what The Guardian are calling “some young men” who “appear” to be violent.

This is the nasty fucking scar that English attitudes leave on a country and that won’t be properly addressed by the press or any politician in Westminster.

Fuck you England. 

This is part of why we want independence - this on a fucking political and economic scale. That is terrible behaviour.

I live in northern england and I think this is awful :c 
Scotland if you do go take the north with you ; w;

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On a related note, I am unable to take Final Fantasy 4 seriously in any capacity whatsoever solely because every time I fight a boss I remember this video and my immersion is immediately shattered into an unrepairable mess.


That is the million dollar question.